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Why are Penn grads so different (and special)...?  
  The veterinary school at the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Vet, is one of the oldest in the nation, Founded in 1884, and actually began as part of the medical school. The dental school also emerged from the medical school of the University of Pennsylvania, which  is why dentists who graduate from Penn have DMD and not DDS after their name. Graduates of all other veterinary schools in this country receive a DVM degree. On the east coast, VMDs are prevalent, but are a scarce breed in other parts of the country. Penn Vet an integral part of a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary university, exists to better the health and welfare of animals and humans.
  Offering the VMD, Penn Vet is committed to innovative educational programs training veterinarians and biomedical scientists, pioneering research and the discovery of new knowledge in the basic and applied sciences while maintaining a strong commitment to specialized veterinary medical care and service.

  Dr. Shalet is dedicated to the welfare and care of animals and her Ivy League education allows her to specializes in exceptional equine care.

The only School in the United States to award the VMD degree is the University Of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine.

What is thedifference between a VMD   vs   DVM.....?

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                                                                                         Suzanne Shalet, VMD 
Dr. Suzanne Shalet is the owner & operator of Allaround Equine Veterinary Care which has been a cornerstone in equine care for some 16 years in the southwestern part of Virginia. In addition to being an equine care provider; she is a very component competitor in the Equine Show Ring. We take great pride in our heritage and history in  providing of equine care.